"I have been taking Cinn-Man for my digestinal
problems  De Flamm for my arthritis and I have
never felt better.  I don't suffer bloating any
more and the pain relief has been incredible".

                                              Klaus - Mudgeereebah

"I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I began the mixture Cinn-Man, De Flam & plain yoghurt. I could not believe how quickly I felt better. Everything seems to be working much more effeciently and I have heaps more energy, a better attitude to work and everything else that used to so easily annoy me".


                                               Robert - South Melbourne

"After moving to London I could not stand to be with out my Cinn-Man everyday.  So I bought a few jars to take with me.  
Now I'm so happy because I can buy it online."

                                          Kate - London England

"I started on Vin-Man daily to help lose weight I noticed a difference in my dress size almost immediately, especially round my tummy area. I also no longer suffer from indigestion. My skin is glowing. Thank you for all your help".
                                                  Rangi - Tallai