Marilyn Gunston


I have been a practising naturopath for over 30 years, having run my own, or worked in very busy clinics and health food stores here on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW, and Melbourne.


I ran short courses at TAFE for several years on an introduction to naturopathy, briefly highlighting the types of subjects to be covered, for students contemplating taking up full time studies.


During the 1990’s I began a talk back radio programme called “Marilyn’s Word on Health” which ran for several years until I returned to Melbourne to continue my practice.   During the time of my radio show, I worked for several leading health product companies to promote over the counter supplements at various stores throughout Queensland.


My clinic in Melbourne was extremely busy and employed eight staff and I had over 3000 clients on my record books.   It also included a shop front where commercial health products and bulk foods were available, so I also have extensive knowledge of the ‘over the counter’ products available to the general public.


I have been an advising naturopath for Blackmores, Natures Own, Healtheries, Peoples Choice Swedish Bitters, Aloe Vera of Australia {for whom I developed a range of herbal formulae}, Vabori Olive leaf, and Organic Minerals Health Products {for whom I developed several dermatological products}.


Since returning permanently to Queensland, I have developed my own range of health food products including Cinn-man (with the strongest available Manuka honey), Vin-man, Witch Hazel, women’s organic skin care, DeFlamm (a natural anti-inflammatory), Diatomaceous Earth,  Iron Bark Plus+ (an natural, raw honey imbued with concentrated fruits and herbs rich in Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin K), and a delicious raw cacao drink called Choco Less, made from all organic ingredients that actually helps with excess fat loss and tastes fantastic hot or cold.